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    Etablissement Namur

    2 Rue de Bitbourg

    L-1273 Luxembourg



    Partner, Farvest Group
    (+352) 26 27 69 1
    About the organizer
    Farvest is a marketing and communication agency recognized as a strategic partner by numerous companies and public entities, with more than 2,000 client references.

    Since 2000, Farvest has created several large summits including ICT Spring and Space Forum. The agency is also the publisher of numerous digital and print media : itone.lu, hrone.lu, infinance.lu, marketers.lu, smartmobility.lu, beastmagazine.lu
    Over the years, Farvest has acquired a unique know-how in modelling and promoting communities and events, as well as pioneering initiatives in many sectors. The company creates and animates professional communities but also helps clients developing their awareness in the country, creating tailored events and promoting their products & services.

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