13:00 Doors opening


    14:00 Welcome Words - Reaching regulatory maturity by a balanced culture of risk, data management, compliance together with relevant actions from businesses


    Paving the way for more transparency & the culture of change through data management

    14:15 Top Security and Risk Management Trends for 2019 and Beyond by Mike Wonham, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner


    14:35 The age of privacy champions (session in french)

    Successful, original implementation of Regtech solutions as well as examples of team mobilization/involvement to instil a culture of change towards more responsible behaviour with regard to regulations. The key role of the DPO and the need to answer customers' requirements through relevant KYC processes:

    - Marie-Claire Pettinger, Data Protection Officer and Compliance Officer, Foyer Group

    - Kenza Bouzouraa, Deputy Director, ELGON/AINOS


    Outlook of the European RegTech Market and new needs

    15:10 ​Enhancing the role of women in the RegTech industry

    - Nadia Manzari, Partner at SCHILTZ & SCHILTZ

    - Susanne Schartz, COO, SEQVOIA


    15:40 Break


    Turn compliance into opportunities

    16:00 The fastest way to compliance: 5 success stories of institutions leveraging RegTech with Finologee by Jonathan Prince, Co-Founder, Finologee


    16:15 Keynote


    16:30 Fireside chat


    16:50 Keynote


    17:05 Panel discussion: opportunities for other sectors than the finance one - how and why?

    - Arianna Rossi, Postdoctoral Researcher at SnT, Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust

    - Alan Blanchard, Business Development, Apiax


    17:30 Closing words & Networking cocktail




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